Pi Pizzeria – Manchester Road (St. Louis, MO)

Fantastic deep dish pizza in STL! I came here last week with 3 of my friends. It was a Friday evening and we arrived around 6:15pm without reservation. I wasn’t surprised that there was a wait line, there was a lady in the front desk took my name down and told me the waiting time is about 30 mins and we could go grab a drink at the bar.

Bar Area

Bar Area

The waiting time was about right, we were seated in about 30 mins. There is a lower level in this location, we were seated at the lower level right by the stairway (not my favorite because of all the customer walking up and down, but I have no choice due to the busy hours). Atmosphere was nice, a little loud at times, but its fine with me … its a pizzeria place.

That's not a real candle.

That’s not a real candle.

Pi glass cup (this was my friend's, but I switched it :P)

Pi glass cup (this was my friend’s, but I switched it :P)

There were 2 ladies serving our table, I believe 1 girl is a trainee. Service was good, very attentive. We did have to ask for refill once, but it was okay, they are busy. Okay, to the food. We decided to order 2 appetizers, and 1 large deep dish pizza (you can do half & half). Our first appetizer, this is more like a 2 people serving. Our nice friend managed to split into 4 pieces, so all of us can try. It was a little expensive for the serving size.

Blazed Wings - pretty big wings!

Blazed Wings – pretty big wings!

2nd appetizer – chicken wings served with carrots and blue cheese. Wings were very hot when it was served. There were a total of 9 wings. Honestly, the wings were not up to par, the taste was very bland.

Blazed Wings - pretty big wings!

Blazed Wings – pretty big wings!

Finally … Deep Dish Pizza!!! We ordered the large one, 16′, half Bucktown and half Kirkwood. The cornmeal crust was very good, crumbly buttery crust! We liked the sauce, it was a little toward the sweeter side. Like most deep dish pizza, mozzarella cheese were at the bottom, then toppings, lastly the sauce. It was hard to tell which side was Bucktown and Kirkwood, only easy distinction was the Olives (which is suppose to be on the Bucktown). I have to say, the Kalamata olives were SUPER salty. We all had to pick out the olives before eating the pizza.

Pi Pizzeria Deep Dish Pizza - half Bucktown, half Kirkwood.

Pi Pizzeria Deep Dish Pizza – half Bucktown, half Kirkwood.

A pretty thick slice!

A pretty thick slice!

We were VERY full by the end of the meal. We girls couldn’t finish the crust of the pizza, the guys did pretty well. The total bill excluding tip was around $43.00, each person is about $10.75. This place is good for groups.

Pi Pizzeria
10935 Manchester Rd
Kirkwood, MO 63122


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