Chinese Cafe 南北和 (Taiwanese) – Westmont, IL (Chicago)

My first time for Taiwanese Breakfast.

My friends and I went on a short Chicago trip last month. From my friends recommendation, we stopped by Chinese Cafe in Westmont, IL for traditional Taiwanese breakfast. Westmont, IL is about 30-40mins away from downtown Chicago.

Chinese Cafe is located inside the International Plaza, which consist of an Asian grocery + food court. This place gets really crowded by 11am!!


Chinese Cafe 南北和

Chinese Cafe only serves Taiwanese Breakfast on the weekends. If my memory served me right, I believe they start serving breakfast around 10:30am. Now that was the first time I am having Taiwanese breakfast, I basically wanted to try everything on the menu and their price looks good too!

Weekend Breakfast Menu

Weekend Breakfast Menu

Mind you, the counter lady does not speak English very well, but she was very nice. I was able to order just pin pointing the menu and of course with my friends help as well.

TA DA! Below is what bf and I ordered. We have other items too, but I forgot to take pictures 😛

The Pork Flatjack or Pork flat bread was soft and chewy, there was a little bit of clintro in there. The pork was a little dried to my liking, but my friend say its supposed to be like that.

Salted Soy Bean Milk – I always drink the normal soy bean milk, so I was eager to try this one. Its a pretty big cup too. There were pieces of yau teo on top, and a little chili oil. It was too bad, I can taste the soy bean flavor. When I dig into the bottom, there were pieces of pickled vegetables, now those are extremely salty.

Yau Teo (Fried Twisted Crulier) – very good! Freshly fried, soft and crisp!

Salted Sticky Rice Ball – I was very full by this time. But this one is very good as well. Sticky rice was perfect, it has 1/4 marinated egg, pork floss and yau teo.

Pork Flapjack, Salted Soy Bean Milk, Twisted Crulier (yau teo), Salted Sticky Rice Ball

Pork Flapjack, Salted Soy Bean Milk, Twisted Crulier (yau teo), Salted Sticky Rice Ball

The above breakfast costed $10.75/2 person. We had some left over, but because we have to drive all day, so didn’t doggy bag.

Overall it’s a very good place for breakfast. They have other eateries in this food court, but Chinese Cafe seems to be the most popular on weekends.

International Mall
665 Pasquinelli Dr
Westmont, IL 60559


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