Chi Cafe 旺角 – Chicago, IL (Chinatown)

A little short review for our late night snacks in Chicago Chinatown.

When we arrived in Chicago, it was 12 mid-night. I was extremely hungry! And so craving for Chinese food! We stopped by Chinatown to have our dinner/mid-night snacks. It was a Friday night and there were still some crowds in Chinatown.

We picked Chi Cafe 旺角, only because I haven’t tried this place before. This place has a nice trendy ceiling, very crowded with late night-ers.

Here’s what we ordered:

Steamed Rice Noodle with Special Sauce (旺角街邊蒸腸粉) – the steamed rice roll wasn’t so smooth, and the sauce wasn’t very special either. There was just hoisin sauce and peanut/sesame sauce. Noodle were a little on the harder side.

Pork Chop & Onion on Rice (洋蔥豬扒飯) – Just a typical pork chop rice, it wasn’t bad, but nothing “wow”. Pork chop were ok, they were fried, but not overly dry.

Deep Fried Tofu (潮式鹽水炸豆腐) – The tofu were served pipping hot, these were good. Crispy outside and soft inside. The tofu weren’t marinated, you were suppose to dip into the sauce they provide on the side. The sauce taste … weird, just salty and a little sour, not our cup of tea. I just ate it plain or a little chili sauce.

Milk Tea – just ordinary milk tea.

Chi Cafe

Steamed Rice Noodle with Special Sauce- $3.25
Pork Chop & Onion on Rice (洋蔥豬扒飯) $5.25
Deep Fried Tofu 潮式鹽水炸豆腐 – $3.50
Milk Tea $1.25 ea small

Chi Cafe opens very late,  I think weekdays til 2am and weekends til 5am. Not bad if you just want something to munch on a late night.

Chi Cafe
2160-A S. Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616


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