OYSY Japanese Sushi Restaurant – Chicago, IL (South Loop)

After a full day of touring around Chicago, we were tired and wanted dinner. Bf wanted to find a nicer place for dinner, so we came across this OYSY Sushi on East Grand Ave. The place wasn’t so busy; the decor is hip and trendy. Service was fine.

Overall, I am not very impressed about this place.

Here was what we ordered:

Tuna Tataki – there were 8 thin slices of tuna rolled up, topped with smelt eggs. Tuna was ok, but not impressive. Definitely not worth $14.00

Tuna Tataki $14.00

Tuna Tataki $14.00

Sushi – I remembered the white tuna and scallops were really good. The others were okay quality.  A little overpriced compare to other sushi in Chicago.


Left: Squid $5, Ikura $7
Middle: Ama-Ebi Shrimp $7, White Tuna $7
Right: Scallop $7, Eel $7

I think we also ordered 1 Maki (either rainbow roll or spider roll) … I forgot which one and I forgot to take a picture.

The total price was around $75 excluding tips. Really a little overpriced for downtown sushi.


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