Bottega Ristorante – Yountville, CA (Napa Valley)

I am digging up old travelling to write. I visited bf in SF  back in May. Bf took me and his family to Napa Valley, it was my first time there and  it was the best experience!

We did a tour in one of the castle winery, extremely beautiful scenery! We booked 8:30pm dinner at Bottega. Bookings prior 8pm was all full.

We arrived around 8:10pm and was waiting by the counter. Decor was very cozy and warm. We were seated around 8:20pm, restaurant was still very busy.

Sorry for the dark pictures, it was just dark inside.

For appetizer, we had their popular Pork Belly with Egg served with a bed of spinach salad. This was very good, the pork was so tender and juicy. Egg was cooked perfect with runny yolk, mixed the yolk with the pork chop, it was very delicious!

Pork Belly with Crusted Soft Boiled Egg

Pork Belly with Crusted Soft Boiled Egg

We also had the Truffle Fries (forgot to take pictures) – I am not a big huge fries fan, this item was ok. But bf loved it!

Main Course, we had total of 4 people, we each picked 1 main course each:

Ricotta Gnocchi – excellent flavors. Soft pillows and fluffy ricotta with tomato sauce.

Ricotta Gnocchi Salsa di pomodoro della nonna, pecorino

Ricotta Gnocchi Salsa di pomodoro della nonna, pecorino

Risotto del Giorno A.Q. (Risotto of the Day) – They seem to have different risotto every month. On our particular day, it was mushroom and cherry halves  I took a bite, it was so good. It was flavorful and creamy. The rice was cooked perfect soft and chew, and I can taste every bit of the mushroom. I love mushrooms!

Risotto del Giorno A.Q.

Risotto del Giorno A.Q.

Wood Oven Roasted Cornish Chicken – I didn’t try this one, but accordingly to my friend, this was tender and juicy. It was served on a bed of heirloom tomato panzanella, olive oil poached fresh dug potatoes, chicken jus.

Forno Roasted Truffle Rubbed Chicken Breast

Forno Roasted Truffle Rubbed Chicken Breast

Mediterranean Seafood Brodetto – forgot to take a picture. Bf is a huge seafood fan, he loves it. He said the seafood was very fresh and it was cooked in a tomato broth, very light and refreshing.

Sorbetti e Gelati del giorno – honestly I forgot the names of the gelato. 2 kinds of fruit sorbets and 1 creamy gelato. They were good!



Shrisolona Affogata (THE BEST DESSERT OF THE NIGHT!)  – it served with a round almond biscotti, a cup with caramel sea salt gelato. The served will pour a hot fresh brewed espresso into the gelato. We break the biscotti into pieces and dip into the gelato espresso. Excellent! Love the saltiness from the sea salt and sweetness from the caramel, bitterness from the espresso. They all go so well together!


Shrisolona Affogata – Macona almond “un” scotti
Caramel sea salt gelato
Fresh Brewed Espresso

Bottega is a very nice restaurant, I will recommend friends to try it out at least once. I would definitely like to go back.

Total bill comes to around $150.00 for 4 person excluding tips (we didn’t have any alcohol.) Thanks BF!!!


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