Snowflake Teahouse (Fremont, CA)

Came here with BF during their opening week. Place was extremely crowded, decoration were modern and hip. We were told about 30mins wait or we can get it to go. After about 10 minutes later, a nice waitress told us there was a table available. So we opted dine-in.

We only wanted some snack, so we ordered the Mango Snow Shaved Ice. The base price for the shave ice was $7.xx and condense milk was free. Each additional topping was $1.00+. We added mango and lychee popping. We didn’t order any drinks.

The portion was very very small considering the price. I remember our total was $10.xx. The mango ice wasn’t extraordinary … just normal shaved ice. This place is a overrated cause its new and presentation of food looks good. But really? $10.xx for a small portion of machine made ice and mango? No thanks.

Mango Shaved Ice

Mango Shaved Ice

We went to Snowice in Santa Clara couple days later, it was only $9.xx but double the size … almost couldn’t finish it. It was just as good or perhaps better.


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