Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant – St. Ann, MO (St. Louis)

I am not really a fan, this place is more like 3.5 star to me.

We came here on a weekday dinner with co-workers, 5 of us total. We opted for the All-You-Can-Eat for $20/pp. It comes with soup and salad, but we were confused about the soup … the waiter say it only comes with 2 soups with party of 5. Errrr … really? Not that we wanted to fill up on the soup, but just doesn’t make sense.

Seoul Garden Ban Chan

Seoul Garden Ban Chan

We order our first round: Pork Belly and Premium Cut. Both were pretty good, premium cut was pretty tender.

Pork belly & premium cuts

Pork belly & premium cuts

Second round we got: Marinated Pork and Premium Cut … and Sirloin … but we were told there was no Sirloin!! Disappointed. Marinated pork was towards the sweeter side.

More pork belly & premium cuts

More pork belly & premium cuts

Third round we got: Pork Belly, and Marinated Chicken. The chicken taste the same as the marinated pork, sweet.

Pork Belly & Marinated Chicken

Pork Belly & Marinated Chicken

We had 2 cokes, and 3 bottles of beer.

FYI, there is no dessert here. Overall, I think its good value for all you can eat kbbq.

Boss paid for it, I am guessing its around $125.00 exclude tips.


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