Wasabi Sushi Bar – St. Louis, MO

I was here yesterday with my boss and one of her friend. We arrived around 12:00pm, this place was almost full.



Me and my boss ordered hot tea to drink.

Hot Green Tea

Hot Green Tea

Chirashi Bowl: its comes with Salmon, Tuna, White Tuna, Eel, Tamago, Ebi, and Hamachi with bedding of rice. Salmon was best out of all, its was like a melt-in-my-mouth texture. Tuna was a bit disappointed, it has gristle. All other sashimi was ok.

Chirashi Bowl

Chirashi Bowl

Salad: it was refreshing … it serves with a citrus dressing.



Maki D: variety of sushi, didn’t try.

Spicy Chicken: didn’t try, but it looks pretty good.

Teriyaki Beef Bento: got that togo, and ate it for dinner … beef was dry and hard.

We ordered another Maki D for our manager.

Total bill was about $75.00 (excluding tips, boss paid)


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