Sumiya Yakitori 燒烤居酒屋 (Japanese Charcoal Grill) – Santa Clara, CA

Boyfriend took me here a while back. He told me is one of best Charcoal Grill restaurant in town, so he was right.

We were seated promptly and given a piece of paper, pencil and of course the menu. The paper of paper contains all items on the menu, you have to fill in the quantities of the items you want to order.

We ordered:

Tuna Takaki: 7 slices of seared tuna with a bed of radish and onion garnish with a citrus dipping sauce. Really delious!!!!

Tuna Tataki!

Tuna Tataki! (sorry for the blurry pic)

Set B Yakitori $20:  (Chicken, Pork & Beef Combo)

1 Tori Soup – Ok
1 Salad – crisp and fresh
1Kalbi Don – very good. loved the half poached egg.
4 Skewers – all skewers were very good, love the charcoal flavor .. meat were seasoned well.
Mi (Salt) – Chicken Tigh
Tsukune (Sauce) – Chicken Meatball
Butabara (Salt) – Pork Belly
Beef Tongue (Salt)

EXTRA: SASAMI (tender white chicken breast) $6 – a little dry, otherwise its flavorful.

Yakitori + Kalbi Don with Poached Egg (Half Cooked)

Yakitori + Kalbi Don with Poached Egg (Half Cooked)

I really wanted to try the Green Tea Crème Brûlée … but no more room.

Overall experience was great. I will come back.


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