Hot Wok Cafe 首都 – St. Louis, MO (Chesterfield, MO)

I would give it a 4 star if it wasn’t the price. We came here on Saturday for their exclusive Taiwanese Brunch. This is probably 1 of the only place that offers Taiwanese style brunch in St. Louis.

This place might be a little hard to find, its hidden inside a plaza. There were a few students and Asian families here Saturday morning. Place is clean and service was okay.

Taiwanese Brunch (too many people there, hard to take individual pictures)

Taiwanese Brunch (too many people there, hard to take individual pictures)

We ordered:

2 Soy Milk @ $2.29 each – a big bowl to be shared. soy milk was served hot, and full of soy taste, add sugar according to your taste.
2 Chinese Cruller @ $2.29 each – big and fluffy. very good but not too the point thats worth $2.29 for fried dough.
Beef Sesame Bun @ $4.99 – lack of flavor.
Green Onion Pancake @ $3.99 – smelled really good, served hot, soft and chewy.
Beef Noodle Soup @ $10.00 – small bowl, very little beef, doesn’t even taste really authentic. definitelyl not worth $10.
Spicy Beef Tendon @ $8.99 – taste ok.
Five Spiced Beef @ $10.50 – small portion, nothing special.
Century Egg and Pork Porridge @ $6.00 – really disappointed, very little eggs, lack of flavor.
2 Sticky Rice Roll @ $3.99 ea – probably the best part of the meal, sticky rice was cooked right, perfect amount of pork floss, egg, fried dough. I like it, but still thing its expensive!!

The above items are at least 37%-45% more expensive compare to Chicago. For this price, I will only come here once a long while.


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