Sushi Kai – Milpitas, CA

Highly recommended by bf, so we ate here on Thursday evening. It’s really a little hidden gem. I believe this place is owned and operated by Japanese, as the chef and waitress are fluent in Japanese.

This place is pretty small, able to seat 30 people. We went there around 7:30pm, didn’t have to wait. There were couple groups waiting by the time we were leaving.



We got couple appetizers.

We got Fried Soft Shell Crab and Aragashi Tofu. Soft Shell Crab was extremely crispy, but I didn’t really like the flour they used on the crab. Nonetheless, the crab was fresh and delicious. The tofu was delicious,  according to my Japanese friend,  this tofu is exactly how they make it in Japan.



Here comes the goodies, we came tonight specially for their Hakkido Bowl. It has 2 thick slices of salmon, 2 big ebi shrimp with the heads crispy fried, 4 thinly sliced scallop, and 2 uni. The ingredients were incredibly fresh. All fish just melt in my mouth. But I have to say its was a bit expensive for its portion. This bowl was $20. But we were paying for its authenticity and freshness. We also ordered a Rainbow Roll incase its not enough for both of us.



We were very full by the end of the meal. I highly recommend this place.


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