So Gong Dong Tofu House / SGD Tofu House – Milpitas, CA (Bay Area)

Excellent Korean Tofu Soup!

We came here on a Friday evening after BF off from work. It was around 8:00pm when were got there, oh my god, the lines were all the way out the door. The shop suppose to be close at 9pm, but the way I see it, no way they can close at 9pm. So come early and be prepare to wait.

The waiter will give you a number, you can review the menu and pre-order. I guess because it takes a while to cook the tofu soup … this pre-order system is quite smart, eliminate some of the waiting time for food.  We were simple, ordered 2 Seafood Tofu Soup. I think we waited for 30-40 minutes, finally got seated.

Tofu House - Long Line

Tofu House – Long Line

Waiting Inside

Waiting Inside

They bought us water immediately, and shortly follow by all the delicious ban-chans. Very generous portion Kim Chi, Fish Cakes, Potato, Spinach, and Seaweed. Kim Chi was a little toward the sweet side, super yummy!!

Generous portion and super delicious ban-chans

Generous portion and super delicious ban-chans

Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup, there were 3 levels of spiciness, mild, medium, and hot. I ordered the HOT, bf ordered MEDIUM.  Actually the hot one wasn’t that hot, but my tolerance for spicy is quite high.  Oh, you can also order non-spicy, which the soup will come out milky white, I heard its not bad. But I am here for the spicy … soup was extremely flavorful, 2 big pieces of shrimps, few more little shrimps and LOTS of clams!!  $10.95 for a good portion of Seafood Tofu Soup, not bad.

They also serve rice in a stone pot, after they scoop the rice, they will ask if you want to fill the pot with barley tea. So you get this good, yummy tea rice (if you still have room for it).

Bubbly Seafood Tofu Soup with a cracked egg on top!

Bubbly Seafood Tofu Soup with a cracked egg on top!

Definitely will come back!!


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