Off the Grid (Mobile Food/Food Trucks) – San Francisco, CA

My boyfriend and I were here last Friday, definitely the best pig out spot.

For those of you who don’t know Off the Grid, its basically a group of street food vendors together, the have tent vendors, and also food truck vendors. Last week, Off the Grid were at San Francisco Fort Mason. Free admission, you do have to pay for meter park, which is not bad, $2/hour.

Off the Grid

Off the Grid

Off the Grid

Off the Grid

First vendor I noticed was Chotto. They only had 4-5 items on the menu, we skipped. We were really look for food trucks.



After we finishing browsing all vendors, finally … we decided to try KoJa first. I’ve heard about the Kamikazi Fries being the bomb, so we decided to get a meal. Which consist of Short Rib KoJa Bun, Kamikazi Fries + Drink. The short rib was tender, sweet flavor, the rice bun was excellent, soft and chewy. Ok, honestly I am not too crazy about the Kamikazi fries, I like my fries crispy, but it wasn’t the case that day. The sauce on the fries were toward the sweet side, I was expecting more of a savory sauce. The special drink we got was refreshing, not so sweet.

KoJa Kitchen Food Truck - long line ....

KoJa Kitchen Food Truck – long line ….

Comba A - Short Rib KoJa and Kamikazi Fries + Drink $13.00

Comba A – Short Rib KoJa and Kamikazi Fries + Drink $13.00

Next, we visited the The Chairmen Truck … long line as well. I remember I saw this food truck on TV once, I forgot which channel anyways, we ordered the popular Pork Belly Steamed Bun with pickled daikon. The bun was really warm and soft, pork belly tender. But come on … $3.75 for a steamed bun like a size of a White Castle? I think that’s just too expensive for food truck steamed bun. It was good, but not that good.

The Chairmen Truck

The Chairmen Truck

Pork Bell Steamed Bun $3.75

Pork Bell Steamed Bun $3.75

Finally, we wanted to try one more truck before we call it a day … we ended up at Bacon Bacon! Yes, we waited in the long line wanted the Pork Belly Fries and Chocolate Bacon. By the time it was our turn to order, they told us NO Chocolate Bacon … oh my!! Really ruin it, bf really wanted to try that. Anyways, we ended up with the Pork Belly Fries (with shredded pork belly, bits of bacon, roasted red peppers, and Parmesan cheese).  Again, I want my fries hot and crispy, but this one was flat! Portion was good, love how to make the bacon bits super crispy. Other than wise, nothing much about it.

Bacon Bacon Food Truck - Pork Belly Fries $6

Bacon Bacon Food Truck – Pork Belly Fries $6

All in all, great experience, great way to spend the weekend.


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