A very cute French restaurant. Isa is located in the Marina area with all the restaurants and bar, parking on the street was limited. We we lucky to found a street parking at nearby residential area, just about 3 blocks from Isa.

I have to apologize for the dark pictures. It was pretty dark in Isa. Once you walked in, you will noticed a bar and few small tables across from it, that was where we were seated. Actually they have a back area, really cute! But it was booked for a private event that evening.

We opted for the 3 course Prix-Fix menu. The waiter told us everything on the menu was meant to be share. And yup, he was right! Portions were very generous for a French restaurant.

Complimentary bread were served. Warm and crusty with creamy butter!

Isa decor, complimentary bread

Isa decor, complimentary bread

Next comes our appetizer, I had the Grilled Local Calamari, and BF had the Steamed Mussels. I wasn’t a big fan on my calamari, but boy, the mussels were extremely good. I used the Mussel sauce for the bread too. Portions were more than enough, more like a entree size.

Grilled Calamari, Steamed Mussels

Grilled Calamari, Steamed Mussels

Ok, by now, I was almost full! For the entree, I opted for the Truffle Risotto, and BF had the Angus Flat Iron Steak. The risotto was very fragrant! Love it! I didn’t try the steak, BF said it was pretty good.

Angus Flat Iron Steak,  Truffle Risotto

Angus Flat Iron Steak,
Truffle Risotto

Finally, it was dessert time … I was too full by now. But still, we ordered the Blue Cheese with Fruits and Currants, and Grapefruit Granite. The Blue Cheese was a little heavy for ending my meal, it was good, but too heavy for me. The Grapefruit Granite was perfect, light, real grapefruit flavor!

Blue Cheese with Fruit & Currants Grapefruit Granite

Blue Cheese with Fruit & Currants
Grapefruit Granite

I had to take the risotto home, it became our next day dinner. Definitely a very nice little restaurant. I would love to come back!



  1. Looks like a lovely restaurant, the pictures made me so hungry, especially the Truffle Risotto! It looks like they put a lot of truffles on there for you, it must have smelled and tasted wonderful. I rarely see grapefruit desserts, your granite looked really good.

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