We are here again last night – Sunday. We were here around 7:45pm and still couple empty tables, so no wait.  My previous review is here: Yokohama Iekei 1st Visit

We ordered Fried Squid – my hubby’s favorite, anything seafood for him. I wish it was cut into smaller pieces. You will have 3 large pieces in an order.

I ordered Black Garlic Ramen – my favorite! Soup was hot and super garlic flavorful. It use to be 1 thick pieces of pork, but not it changed to 2 thin cut pieces of pork, still very tender and flavorful!

Hubby ordered Shio Ramen – soup was flavorful, but I still like my black garlic better 🙂

Soft Boil Egg – overcooked! Same thing happened to us last time. Really if they can serve a good soft boil egg, it would be perfect!

Fried Squid

Fried Squid

Black Garlic Ramen

Black Garlic Ramen

Shio (Salt) Ramen

Shio (Salt) Ramen

Overcooked Soft Broil Egg :(

Overcooked Soft Broil Egg 😦


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