Cute little coloful restaurant in San Francisco, but decor is a little tacky with ornaments hanging from the ceiling. Service was good and prompt. It gets very crowded during the weekend (not sure on weekdays), we waited 30-40mins.

Tea Leaf Salad – first time trying this unique salad, with a hint of tea leaf and vinegar flavors. Only thing was too much peanuts, which they put a little more tea leaves. Otherwise, its a good starter.

Tea Leaf Salad

Tea Leaf Salad

Tea Smoked Duck – a little dry looking, it does have the smokey flavor, I can’t taste or smell any tea. It served with steam buns, a little dry too.

Tea Smoked Duck

Tea Smoked Duck

Mango Prawns – originally wanted to try Lychee Coconut Prawns, but they didn’t have it that night. So end up with Mango Prawns. Juicy and sweet mangoes, savory prawns stir fried with mixed veggies.

Mango Prawns

Mango Prawns

Coconut Rice – rice with a hint of coconut flavors. It was good, but not to the point I would like to reorder.

Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice

Mandalay - Inside

Mandalay – Inside

4348 California St
San Francisco, CA 94118



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