HOME COOKING 開心自家煮 – WEEK OF 07/21/14 – (BAY AREA)

Home cooking week of 07/21/2014

Stir fried beef with choy sum 菜心牛肉, Mushrooms with tofu 豆腐炒菇, Wintermelon pork bones soup 冬瓜薏米湯


Stir fry A-Choy 青炒A菜, Steamed egg with minced meat 肉碎蒸滑蛋, Wintermelon pork bones soup 冬瓜薏米湯



Squid with Shrimp Paste 蝦醬炒鮮魷,  Mustard Green with Salted Egg Soup 芥菜鹹蛋湯 , Left over ribs from some restaurant 😛


Spinach with Preserved Egg 金銀蛋菠菜, Sweet & Sour Black Vinegar Pork Ribs 糖醋排骨 or 浙江糖醋排骨


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