HOME COOKING 開心自家煮 – WEEK OF 08/23/14 – (BAY AREA)

Home cooking … starting 08/23/2014  🙂

08/23/2014 Brunch – homemade whole wheat pancakes 自製全麥鬆餅, scramble eggs with truffle 黑松露炒蛋, Canadian Bacons 加拿大煙肉


08/25/2014 Dinner – braised fish maw mushroom and lettuce 冬菇炆花膠, dried squid with lotus soup 蓮藕章魚豬骨湯, left over roasted duck and orange squid 燒鴨+鹵水墨魚


08/26/2014 Dinner – simple pan seared chicken salad 煎雞肉沙律


08/24/2014 Dinner – Steamed minced pork with dried squid 土魷蒸肉餅, stir fry broccoli 炒西蘭花


08/28/2014 Dinner – simple lazy Japanese Curry rice plate (used Japanese curry cube) 日式咖喱雞飯 (日式咖哩磚1塊)


08/30/2014 Dinner – fish maw, dried conch soup, so good! 花膠響螺瘦肉湯, lettuce with fermented bean curd sauce 腐乳西生菜



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