HOME COOKING 開心自家煮 – WEEK OF 11/02/14 – (BAY AREA)

Happy New Year! I know its 2015 already and I am still on 2014 posts. I just have to catch up, catch up really quick.

I didn’t have much Home Cooking due to I was out of town. But when I am back, it all begins!

Week of 11/02/2014 Home Cooking 開心自家煮

Black Bean Sauce Clams 豉椒炒蜆, Stir Fry Garlic Choy Sum 蒜茸炒菜心, Winter Melon Soup 冬瓜湯


Pan Fried Garlic Chicken Wings 蒜香煎雞翼, Stir Fry Garlic A-Choy 蒜茸炒A菜, Winter Melon Soup 冬瓜湯, Left over duck from eating out


Tomato, Potato, Pork Bone Soup 番茄薯仔豬骨湯, Stir Fry Beef with Choy Sum 菜心炒牛肉


Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐, Tung Choy with Fermented Bean Curd 腐乳通菜, Tomato, Potato, Pork Bone Soup 番茄薯仔豬骨湯






Sashimi from Mitsuwa – Ikura, Salmon, Hotoegai (Scallop), Ika (Squid), Tuna, Miso Soup (自製日本料理, 從日本超市買自己切)


Saturday Homemade Brunch, homemade wheat pancake, bacon and sunny side up egg!



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