While I was in St. Louis, my boss took me and a coworker to Yaya’s Euro Bistro for dinner. I’ve pass by this place many times, but never attracted me to try it. I don’t reservation was really needed, it was 80% filled when we were there around 6:30pm and stayed that way by the time we left.

It’s spacious restaurant with huge wood burning brick pizza oven and open kitchen. Unfortunately, I thought the food was so-so. Service was very good, our waitress was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Yaya's Euro Bistro

Yaya’s Euro Bistro

There were 4 of us. We started off with couple appetizers.
Carpaccio – not what I expected. I prefer carpaccio pratically melts in my mouth and packed with flavors. This didn’t.
Gnocchi – this was the BEST thing of the whole meal. Each soft pillow was coated with the creamy gorgonzola sauce, perfectly cooked.

Starters: Carpaccio and Gnocchi

Starters: Carpaccio and Gnocchi



Gnocchi - best thing of the whole meal!

Gnocchi – best thing of the whole meal!

Salmon Salad Appetizer – my coworker ordered a salmon salad as a side, but let me tell ya … its almost like a FULL MEAL. This thing was huge!!!

Salmon Salad

Salmon Salad

Beet Salad – I had this as a side salad. The golden and red beets were tasty, the goat cheese really throw me off. I am not a big fan of goat cheese.

Beet Salad

Beet Salad

My bosses had Ceaser Salads. I didn’t take pictures of their meals, just very hard to put my camera in front of their food 😛

Bistro Steak with truffled pomme frittes – it has to be the worst bistro steak and fries I ever had. Steak was very dried … the frites were like left overs crumbs. Not much flavorings to the dish.

Bistro Steak with Truffled Pomme Frittes

Bistro Steak with Truffled Pomme Frittes

Lamb Shank – my coworker and boss ordered Lamb for their main. I didn’t taste it, it looks pretty big.

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank

Crème Brûlée – Very bad Crème brûlée!!! I shared this dessert with my boss. Look at the top sugar crust, there was none!!! No need to use the spoon to tap the sugar top. The Crème brûlée was like baby food, so mushy … it doesn’t have that creamy custard texture. Very disappointed.

Crème brûlée - you can skip

Crème brûlée – you can skip

I wouldn’t come back her with any one. But I do appreciate my boss taking us here.


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