This restaurant location is a bit hidden, if it wasn’t for GPS, I wouldn’t know there was a Thai restaurant there. It was very crowded around 7pm Friday night.
The portion of the food were really super small for the price we paid for. We can get bigger portion elsewhere for similar quality.

Sala Thai Front

Sala Thai Front

The wait wasn’t too bad, we were seated about 20 minutes.

Full House

Full House

Thai Ice Tea – we always order this in every Thai restaurant.

Thai Ice Tea

Thai Ice Tea

Tom Yum Goong, small – omg, it was REALLY SMALL!! For $7.95, we got a mini 3-4 inch bowl of small soup. Soup was good, but way too small for its price.

Tom Yum Goong - Small

Tom Yum Goong – Small

Duck Curry – $15.95 very small portion, just a little bigger than the soup with 3-4 pieces of duck meat. Curry was a bit water down, very disappointed.

Duck Curry - small portion

Duck Curry – small portion

Crab Fried Rice – the best dish for the night. Real crab meat, nice aroma, goes well with the egg.

Crab Fried Rice

Crab Fried Rice

We were still hungry after dinner, total approx $45.00 not including tips.



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