Wonderful afternoon tea at The Lobby, we were seated right away as we had reservation. The place was very grand and live band was classy, service was top notch.

The Lobby (The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago)

The afternoon tea was the most beautiful experience.

The Lobby – Afternoon Tea

The Lobby – Afternoon Tea

Traditional English Afternoon Tea – the scone was great, warm and crumbly, loved it with lemon curd and strawberry jam. Everything was beautifully presented.

Traditional English Afternoon Tea, 3 tiers

Sweets and Desserts

Excellent Scones

Savory Sandwiches

The Lobby (The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago)

Live band 2nd level

Definitely worth the experience.



One of my favorite restaurant for porridge and rice noodle wrapped Chinese donut. There is always a wait, but not terribly bad.

Salty pork bone porridge 咸豬骨粥 – mildly salty pork meat, perfect with the smooth porridge.

Salty pork bone porridge 咸豬骨粥

Rice Noodle wrapped Chinese Donut / Ja Leung 炸兩 – one of my favorite in the bay area, crispy Chinese donut and thin rice noodle … love the sesame and hoisin sauce!

Rice Noodle wrapped Chinese Donut / Ja Leung 炸兩

Beef Brisket Tossed Noodle 牛腩撈麵 – the beef brisket were very soft and tender, egg noodle were crunchy, love it. The soup on the side is for you to toss the noodle if the noodle becomes too dry.

Beef Brisket Tossed Noodle 牛腩撈麵

I do come here once a while for my porridge and noodle craving fix.


I really want to love this place, but it is far far far authentic Japanese Ramen. The decor is nice and clean, service was good, but food was mehhhhh.

We ordered 2 bowls of ramen, black garlic tonk0tsu and spicy pork ramen … both were disappointed.

Black Garlic Tonkotus – hardly tasted any garlic flavors, soup was water down and bland, lack of flavors. Portion was big, but it doesn’t matter when there is no flavors in it.

Black Garlic Tonkotsu – really lack of flavors! hardly any garlic taste 😦

Spicy Pork Ramen – brother ordered this, he didn’t like it either, lack of flavors. Usually he can finish a whole bowl, but didn’t touch half of it.

Spicy Pork Ramen – water down, bland

Gyozas – arrgghh!! These were dry and hard! I thought they were pan fried, but it was deep fried instead!

Dry and hard gyozas


Nice and clean

Condiments on table

With that being said, I won’t be back.


Visited this place when I was visiting my mom few months ago … it was overrated. The wait was kind of long, but it was Saturday. Don’t expect any service here.

Food was very mediocre, especially for the price point.

The only thing worth to order was the Roasted Pork – the skin was very crispy.

Shrimp Steam Flat Noodle

Beef Tripe with Daikon

Shrimp Chives Dumplings

Steam Shrimp Dumpling

Roasted Pork – probably the only thing worth to order


I really love this place: you order from the iPad, even water. No Tipping policy, you don’t have to worry about calculating the tips at end of the meal. Service was good, love the food too!

Teishoku 定食- literally means “meal set”, a type of Japanese meal set serve with all dishes together (with soup, side or salad). Presentation is nice and clean!

Order from iPad

Mix Toji Teishoku – pork cutlet, fried shrimp, sukiyaki beef cooked in Japanese sauce and egg. Served with pickled veggie and tofu, paid $2 extra with clams miso soup … so much clams!

Mix Toji Teishoku

Add $2 to get clams miso soup (original is plain miso soup)

Nasu Miso & Saba Teishoku – Eggplant, pork belly and veggies cook in miso sauce, grilled mackerel served with pickled veggie, spinach, and clams miso soup.

Nasu Miso & Saba Teishoku


Yayoi – Palo Alto, CA

I love this place.