Second time visiting here, I do like this place, just a short wait. Here is the first time I visited this place – SALT+SMOKE

All the sauces you need on the table —

All the sauces you need

We started with a small Caesar Salad – fresh and crisp.

Caesar Salad

Burnt End Toasted Ravs / Deep Fried Ravioli – it was pretty good, crispy and each bite you get a bit of the beef, comes with ranch sauce.

Burnt End Toasted Ravioli

Sharing a Bestie Combo 4 meats – ribs, chicken wings, brisket, and pull pork. My favorite were ribs and brisket … and the popover!! The chicken wing was a bit dry to my liking.

Bestie Combo 4 meats – Ribs, Wings, Brisket, Pulled Pork

Bestie Combo 4 meats – Ribs, Wings, Brisket, Pulled Pork




I really love this place! I am glad my boss always take me here whenever I am in town. Check out here for my previous visit KREIS’

Amazing Prime Ribs

Nice bread and biscuits were served complimentary. I like bread, but tried not to eat too much.

Complimentary bread and biscuit

We started with Large Scallop Bacon Wrapped – the scallops were large and juicy. Love it.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

I also split a Wedge Salad with coworker – always fresh and crisp, love the blue cheese too!

Wedge Salad

The best – PRIME RIB – look at this baby!! Thick cut juicy, I got the King Cut … get the King Cut please!

Prime Rib!!


Came here for brunch on a beautiful Saturday. Decor was a bit mix of rustic and bold color, service was good. We didn’t have a reservation, but no wait either.

I original came here wanted to the Wimbledon French Toast, which is like a cornflakes crusted brioche with creme fraiche and strawberries … but they no longer serve that. Disappointed me.

They gave use couple complimentary donuts – it was nice touch, but they were served cold.

Complimentary donuts

Classic Benedict – thick cut Canadian Bacon, arugula, tomato, perfect poached eggs, hollandaise sauce. Love the thick cut fries too!

Classic Benedict

Strawberry Crepe – it was huge! fresh strawberries, nutella and tons of house-made whipped cream. We finished the whole thing.

Strawberry Crepe

Brunch – Classic Benedict & Strawberry Crepe

It was a very nice brunch, I wish they bring back the Wimbledon French Toast.


Happy New Year! A brand new year, hopefully I will have more time and update more often.

Traveled to St Louis for work couple months ago … coworker decided to eat Cheesecake factory. It was fully packed. We wait about 15 minutes. First thing walked into the place is to check out the cheesecake display … lots of variety!

Cheesecake Factory
Lots of Cheesecakes!

Ordered one of my favorite appetizer from here – Avocado Rolls

Avocado Rolls

Also had some Garlic Shrimp Pasta – taste okay, normal pasta.

Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Ended our dinner with a famous cheesecake – I forgot what I had … but it was very rich.



All right, here comes my long time absence review. Been busy with my work project, now that it is done, I can get back to this.

I wanted to try out some ramen places in STL, my coworker brought me here. Location is a bit tricky, it is located by SLU and Ikea. There is a small parking next the building.

Service was pretty good, but ramen was so-so. Me and my coworker ordered the same ramen and a bowl of katsudon.

Complimentary seaweed salad

Seaweed Salad

The KimChi ramen was kind of water down to me, noodles were a bit softer than my liking – maybe I’ve been spoiled by other ramen places in the Bay Area.

Kimchi Ramen

However, the Katsudon was pretty good, pork cutlet was juicy.


Katsudon – juicy pork cutlet

This place is better than Nami … but I like Robata better.