Visited this famous joint when I traveled here for work with coworker. It was around 6:30pm and boy this place was crowded! Went inside and saw the barricades and line of people!

Pecan Lodge front

Pecan Lodge inside

My coworker and I basically ordered the same thing – COMBO PLATE with 2 MEAT + 1 SIDE: Brisket and Pork Ribs, Fried Okra for me.

It was pretty legit, love the brisket … soooo tender and soft. Pork Ribs was okay.

Combo Plate with pork ribs, brisket and fried okra

Combo Plate with pork ribs, brisket and fried okra

Shirts and caps for sale


Pecan Lodge patio

Good place to try and experience if you are in town.


SUMIYA YAKITORI 燒烤居酒屋 (Japanese Charcoal Grill) – SANTA CLARA, CA (BAY AREA)

Always love Sumiya, it’s probably one of the best yakitori place in the bay area. It was super busy on weekends, we had to wait 30mins to be seated at the counter area, which was fine.

We always get the combo and some extra skewers, never failed us.

Combo Yakitori + Kalbi Don with Soft Boil Egg – Kalbi was very soft and tender, the soft boil was perfect! Just yummy!

Combo Yakitori + Kalbi Don with Soft Boil Egg

Perfect Soft Boil Egg

Soup and Salad

I don’t remember each names of the skewers we ordered, they were all great!

Assorted extra skewers we ordered

They are busy on weekends!

Busy weekends


Visited this dessert place a while back. The color theme and desserts are very similar to a Hong Kong base dessert shop.

Desserts and snacks were pretty good.

Mango Pancake – mango was pretty good, a little too much cream for me … but overall, taste okay.

Mango Pancake

HK Style Fish Ball – these little fish balls were the best snack of the night. The sauce was very flavorful and it has a kick to it.

HK Style Fish Ball

Chicken Wings – I don’t really remember what these taste like, just some light buffalo wings.

Chicken Wings

Mango Sago – also ordered the Mango Sago … so little mango, wish there was more … taste okay.

Mango Sago

Even the logo looks like a dessert brand in HK 😛


Very delicious, comfort food – Korean Soups. This place gets very busy on weekends, expect some waits and parking is not very big.

I think we waited about 20mins on a Friday night. We ordered coupon Beef Soups, comes with BanChans and Rice.

BanChans and Rice with soups

You can add onions and salt to adjust your soup. We like to add lots of green onions.

Condiments for soup

Gogani Tang – Ox kneebone soup. I ordered this one. Very hot and comforting, beef was so tender, like fall off the bone! Goes perfect with rice!!

Dogani Tang

Galbi Tang – beef short ribs with clear noodles. You really can’t go wrong with any soups here.

Galbi Tang

Very busy even at 9:30pm


A pretty good place for lunch. Service was nice a quick, better than Subway for sure.

You pick a order form, take your time and fill it out – type bread, cheese, veggies, dressing .. etc.

Which Wich order form

My favorite is the Buffalo Chicken Sub – love it, everything was exactly what I wanted. Very good portion!

Buffalo Chicken Sub

Buffalo Chicken Sub

French Dip Sub with Au Jus – fresh ingredients!

French Dip Sub

French Dip Sub

Would definitely come back!