One of my favorite pizza place, Pizza Antica on Santana Row. This place is always pack, always busy, always have to wait and no reservation. I was here on a weekend with a friend from out of town. We had to wait about 30mins.

We ordered a Kale Salad, the waiter was nice to split the salad for us.

Kale Salad

Clams in tomato wine sauce – perfect with bread!!

Clams in tomato wine sauce

Potato & Ricotta Gnocchi – big fluffy gnocchi in a pesto sun-dried tomato sauce, it was good, but kind of heavy to my liking.

Potato & Ricotta Gnocchi

Lastly, of course we had to order pizza – Fennel Sausage, mushrooms and onion.
The pizza is like a personal size, but can be share with 2 person. Love the good thin crispy crust and chewy dough.

Fennel Sausage, mushrooms and onion

Busy place

Bar area



Came here for brunch on a beautiful Saturday. Decor was a bit mix of rustic and bold color, service was good. We didn’t have a reservation, but no wait either.

I original came here wanted to the Wimbledon French Toast, which is like a cornflakes crusted brioche with creme fraiche and strawberries … but they no longer serve that. Disappointed me.

They gave use couple complimentary donuts – it was nice touch, but they were served cold.

Complimentary donuts

Classic Benedict – thick cut Canadian Bacon, arugula, tomato, perfect poached eggs, hollandaise sauce. Love the thick cut fries too!

Classic Benedict

Strawberry Crepe – it was huge! fresh strawberries, nutella and tons of house-made whipped cream. We finished the whole thing.

Strawberry Crepe

Brunch – Classic Benedict & Strawberry Crepe

It was a very nice brunch, I wish they bring back the Wimbledon French Toast.


Happy New Year! A brand new year, hopefully I will have more time and update more often.

Traveled to St Louis for work couple months ago … coworker decided to eat Cheesecake factory. It was fully packed. We wait about 15 minutes. First thing walked into the place is to check out the cheesecake display … lots of variety!

Cheesecake Factory
Lots of Cheesecakes!

Ordered one of my favorite appetizer from here – Avocado Rolls

Avocado Rolls

Also had some Garlic Shrimp Pasta – taste okay, normal pasta.

Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Ended our dinner with a famous cheesecake – I forgot what I had … but it was very rich.



All right, here comes my long time absence review. Been busy with my work project, now that it is done, I can get back to this.

I wanted to try out some ramen places in STL, my coworker brought me here. Location is a bit tricky, it is located by SLU and Ikea. There is a small parking next the building.

Service was pretty good, but ramen was so-so. Me and my coworker ordered the same ramen and a bowl of katsudon.

Complimentary seaweed salad

Seaweed Salad

The KimChi ramen was kind of water down to me, noodles were a bit softer than my liking – maybe I’ve been spoiled by other ramen places in the Bay Area.

Kimchi Ramen

However, the Katsudon was pretty good, pork cutlet was juicy.


Katsudon – juicy pork cutlet

This place is better than Nami … but I like Robata better.




Wonderful afternoon tea at The Lobby, we were seated right away as we had reservation. The place was very grand and live band was classy, service was top notch.

The Lobby (The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago)

The afternoon tea was the most beautiful experience.

The Lobby – Afternoon Tea

The Lobby – Afternoon Tea

Traditional English Afternoon Tea – the scone was great, warm and crumbly, loved it with lemon curd and strawberry jam. Everything was beautifully presented.

Traditional English Afternoon Tea, 3 tiers

Sweets and Desserts

Excellent Scones

Savory Sandwiches

The Lobby (The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago)

Live band 2nd level

Definitely worth the experience.